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1) Shapes: Granules, powder, flakes
2) Colors: Natural white, off white, slight yellow, deep yellow

Inner packing: 10kg/2 aluminum foil bags
Outer ...
Chive Roll
1) Types:
A) Chive rolls: 3 x 3mm cut, all green
B) Chive rolls: 5 x 5mm cut, all green
C) Chive rolls: 5 x 5mm cut, mixed with green and white ...
Carrot Cube
1) Carrot cubes:
A) Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10mm, 5 x 5 x 5mm
B) Moisture: 8% max.
C) Nice red color
2) Carrot flakes:
A) Dimensions: 10 x ...

1) White onion slices 10*10

2) Yellow onion slices 10*10

Inner packing: 10-20kg/carton lined with polythene bag
Hangzhou Oriental Imp. & Exp Co., Ltd. Is located in Hangzhou Economy & Technology Development Zone, about 150 kilometers away from Shanghai. We are a competitive trading company ...
Specification: Lenth cut: 2-3cm, 3-4cm Packing in carton of 10kgs each.
Dehydrated Mushroom
1. Dried shiitake mushroom file: Dried mushroom4-5cm without stem specification: Above3-4cm, 4-5cm, 5cmwith stem of 0.5cm, 1cm and full length. ...
Tomato Flake:
Size: 8 x 8, 10 x 10
We can produce tomato flakes according to your request.
Packing: 18kg/ctn
Dehydrated Mushroom Slice

Thickness: 3mm-5mm
Length: 4cm-9cm 15-20pcs/10grams
Inner packing: PE plastic film bag
Outer packing: 10kg/ctn
Carrot Flake
1) Irregular square thin sliced
2) Orange, and a little yellow, no pure yellow slices or purple slices
3) Thickness: 2.0 - 3.0mm
4) Length ...
Packed in 50kg drums, salted water 20%.

Hangzhou Oriental Imp. & Exp Co., Ltd is a competitive trading company in Zhejiang, China. Located in Hangzhou Economy & Technology ...
We can provide many kinds of garlics, like garlic granule, garlic powder,and garlic flake.
Product Description:
Garlic Flake
Specifications: 1) Color: Natural white or light ...
Dehydrated tomato flakes:
1) Color: Red
2) Size: 10 x 10mm, 5 x 5mm
3) Moisture: <8%
4) Packing: 15kg/ctn with two plastic bags inside

Dehydrated tomato powder:
1) ...
Packing in 20kgs each cartton.
Hog bladders is one of the most distinguished products in our counpany. We have more than 28 years of experience in dealing bladders and casings.

We can provide both salted hog ...
There are many kinds of onions, like onion flake, powder, cube. We can produce different kinds of onions according to your requests.

Product Name: Dehydrated White or Yellow ...
We have a long history in dealing casings. We can provide all kinds of casings, including salted hog casing, sheep casing, and goat casing.

Commodity name: Salted hog, sheep, ...
Dehydrated carrot:
Flakes: 10*10*2mm; 6*6*2mm;
Granules: 1-3mm; 3*3mm; 5*5mm;
Strips: 3*3*25mm; 6*6*25mm
Powder: 40-60mesh

2)Color: Orange or tangerine, ...
We can provide many kinds of chilies, like chili granules, crushed chili and stemless chili. Our types of chilis are varied, such as Yidu chili, chaotian chili, sweet chili, chili ...
Min. Order: 14 Tons
Fresh Carrot Sizes:
1) 70g/PC
2) 70g -100g/PC
3) 100g - 150g/PC
4) 150g - 200g/PC
5) 200g - 250g/PC
6) 250g - 300g/PC
7) 300g up/PC

Outer packing: 10kg/ctn or ...

Garlic granule: 5-8 mesh; 8-12 mesh; 8-16 mesh; 16-26 mesh; 26-40mesh; 40-80mesh

We also can produce garlic granule according to customers′ requirements.

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Main Products: Hog Casings/bladder, Onion/Onion Powder, Garlic/Garlic Powder, paprika/chilli, Dehydrated Tomato